Rowayton Arts Center

Autumn Juried Show

Open call, juried exhibition


When I look at art, there are multiple constructs in which I take into consideration. Aside from a work’s apparent beauty, I am keenly intrigued by the media and the method. I am drawn to compositions that speak to me either in their concept, context, diversity or process, in addition to the overall quality. I also consider if it is a piece that I would want to add to my personal art collection or suggest to a client. As an art professional for over thirty years, I understand the struggles that confront artists as they strive to be innovative, creative and unique in order to set themselves apart from other artists and to gain critical acclaim and success. With that in mind, I truly love each of the works I selected for the Autumn Juried Show and choosing the awards for the exhibition was quite hard.

While the current state of affairs throughout 2020 were not included as part of the prospectus for this exhibition, it was nearly impossible to not to take the relevant issues into consideration – COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, and the division within our country. While the works in the exhibition aren’t conspicuously addressing the issues related to 2020, I was definitely drawn to certain subjects, color schemes and mediums. I believe we all see the world through a different lens today than we did seven months ago – whether it’s by discovering new beauty in nature or in the most quotidien moments which we have taken for granted. There is also an element of nostalgia that is also omnipresent in our new normal. This new lens definitely influenced how I viewed the entries and made my selections and juried this exhibition.

—Kristin Peterson Edwards

Click here for judge's bio and a list of the participating artists and prize winners

Ken Kosakoff

Angulus in C major #32

Giclee print

17" x 22"



Marcy Juran

Queen Ann's Lace, Bindweed | Imagined Gardens

Archival digital print with encaustic on wooden panel

24" x 24"


Janine Brown

Pattern Play VIII


13.5" x 13.5"


Maria Friscia

Road Trip

Oil on canvas

24" x 36"


Nancy Breakstone

Leaf Imprint #2 In the Path

Color photograph

36" x 28"


Melissa Orme


Acrylic on linen canvas

30" x 30"


Roger Martensen

White House at Sundown


9" x 14"


Angela Rustici


Encaustic, pigment stick, graphite on panel

24" x 24"


Katharine Draper


Ink monotype

28" x 28"


Beth M. Reifers

Lavender Flowers


12" x 16"


Nina Daryanani

Three Medium Sunflowers

Oil on cradled birch board

12" x 12"



John Gould


Oil on canvas

24" x 30"


Rosa Sclafani



10" x 14"


Loretta Weitzel

The Passage


29.5" x 27"


Julie O'Connor

Secrets of the Doge's Palace

Digital archival photo sublimated to aluminum

12" x 12"



Karen Popp

Grand Entrance

Pen and ink with watercolor on cradled panel

10" x 8"


Joyce Grasso

Harbor Mist #1

Acrylic on canvas

24" x 24"


Bobbi Eike Mullen

Bow Season

Acrylic on canvas

24" x 27"


Andrea Letters

The Copse, Speyside

Archival pigment print

18" x 18"



Lynne Byrne

Queen Ann's Lace Reflections


33" x 22"


Lynn Sadlon

Autumnal Marsh


11" x 14"


Jane LaMotta


Acrylic paint, mortar

20" x 26"


Ronnie Gold

Hidden Treasure

Pastel on Uart with underpainting

16" x 12"



Lenny Moskowitz

Garden at Edgerton Park

Acrylic on canvas

36" x 36"


Kirsti Holtan



16" x 16"


Ginny Waters

Death Fairy Teapot

Porcelain with sprigging and underglaze

7" x 10"


Julia Rose

SF Sky 2020

Acrylic on canvas

16" x 20"


Pamela Stoddart

Daisy Evolution I


30" x 24"


Eunice Roy


Oil on board

12" x 12"


Elena Abrahams


Cut paper on acrylic

20" x 24"




Giclee print of digital photograph

16 x 20"


Margaret Jolly


Williamsburg oil on Belgian linen

30" x 30" 


Jennifer Mone Hill

Blue Wash No. 2

Acrylic on canvas

8" x 24"


Susanna Long

Finding Peace Together

Oil over acrylic on canvas

36" x 36"


Marian Doherty


Painted metal

16" x 7" x7"


Robert Carley

Untitled 3

Pen and ink

30" x 24"


Barbara Boeck

Hens & Chicks II, Deconstructed

Pastel on raw canvas, wood substrate

31" x 21" x 3/4"


Allison Cary

High Hopes

Alcohol ink and acrylic on canvas

18" x 18"


Ceal Swift

Nightfall Day 48

Acrylic on canvas

16" x 20"


Kat Evans

Embrace Passion

Acrylic on mounted canvas

40" x 40"


Daniel Barrett



12" x 8"


Heidi Lewis Coleman

Just Ahead

Acrylic and pastel on watercolor paper

22" x 22"


Linda McMillan

Floating on the River

Wet Cyanotype

15" x 12"


Julie DiBiase

Fall in Love

Archival pigment print

14" x 14"


Norm Jensen

Window Display-6


13" x 20"


Bevi Bullwinkel

Harmony 2

Water mixable oil

30" x 24"


Katie Samuelson

In Deep I

Oil and cold wax on gesso board

18" x 24"


Nancy C. Woodward


Digital photography, archival inkjet print

24" x 20"


Vicki Smith

All Flights Cancelled

Painting on metal

24" x 24"


Lisa Keuker

Weathering the Storm

Archival pigment print

16" x 20"


Susan McHale

A Conspiracy of Ravens

Stoneware, driftwood, wire

20" x 36" x 3"


Susan Lippman


Acrylic on canvas

36" x 24"


Nancy Gramps

Green Owl

Acrylic, paper and resin

7.5" x 7.5"


Cynthia Dobie

Look to the Sky


30" x 15"


Soledad Bence

Inspiration I

Acrylic and oil on canvas

20" x 16"



Joanna Bridges

River Reflections Mosaic

Archival print face mounted on 1/4" Plexiglas

24" x 36"


Merilee Main


Acrylic on canvas

30" x 24"


Sarah Schneider

Liminal Space I

Acrylic on paper

11.5" x 8.5"



Sean Murtha

Oysterbed Lullabye

Oil on canvas

32" x 32"


Elena McCoy


Acrylic on canvas

40" x 30"


Charlotte Sabbagh


Mixed media

24" x 30"



Kerry Long

Constellation #1

Color, medium format film scan

16" x 16"



Jennifer Williams

Lady in Waiting

Brushed silver aluminum panel

24" x 30"


Jay Wilson

Built to Last

Photograph on lustre paper

18" x 12"


Paul Shampine


Acrylic and aluminum on canvas

14" x 14" x 2.5"


Catherine Easton

Sheffield Light Dawn Storm

Oil on canvas

20" x 30"


Almudena Fernandez Vicens


Mixed media–acrylic on board

12" x 12"


Julie Jones


Photo, aluminum diamond

32" x 24"


Chris Timmons


Various papers, acrylic paint

13" x 18" framed


Emily Kelting

Seeing the Light

Digital photograph

13" x 10.5"


Marta Beltramo

Rainbow River

Acrylic on canvas

24" x 30"


Marc VanDermeer


Photo silkscreen printed on Arnhem paper

24" x 24"


Amy Schott

Butterfly Days

Vintage found material, wire and nails

16" x 12" x 1/2"


Joanie Landau

The Monarchy B&W Version 3

Archival inkjet print mounted to Plexiglas

40" x 30"


Laure Dunne

Never Parted

Pigment print on archival paper

9.5" x 15"


David Montgomery

Morning Dew Pearls


10.5" x 13.5"



Complementary Plaid

Oil on canvas

12" x 12"


Ric Kallaher

Lost Railway #2–Caboose #9953

Acrylic print

7" x 12"